(a)   There is hereby established a city museum department known as Hillsboro Museums. The purpose of the department will be to manage and promote the historical properties belonging to the City of Hillsboro and to promote the community heritage. The museum will be under the authority of the Governing Body of Hillsboro.

(b)   The purpose of this Board is to recommend and advise the Governing Body of the City of Hillsboro and the museum’s staff on matters regarding the museum properties.

(Ord. 1090, Secs. 1:2; Code 2016)

Membership of the Board shall be composed of nine (9) members appointed by the mayor of the City of Hillsboro; and accepted by the city council. Each membership position shall be for three years in staggered terms in groups of three. At the point of commencement of Ordinance No. 1090, three positions shall be appointed for one year, three positions appointed for two years, and three positions appointed for three years. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for three years. The membership of the Advisory Board shall select from its membership officers for chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary.

(Ord. 1090, Sec. 3; Code 2016)

(a)   The city treasurer shall serve as the treasurer for the Hillsboro Museums Advisory Board. All funds from any source received by the Hillsboro Museum Department shall be accounted to the City of Hillsboro.

(b)   Donations of funds and property from the public shall be received by the Hillsboro Museums, and shall reserve the right to refuse any donation it deems unsuitable by recommendation of museum staff. Neither the City of Hillsboro nor the Hillsboro Museums Advisory Board shall assume any liability for damage, loss or disposal of donated property.

(Ord. 1090, Sec. 4:5; Code 2016)

The Hillsboro Museums Advisory Board shall prescribe rules for conduct of its meetings, and keep a written account thereof Membership shall serve on the authority of the Hillsboro City Council.

(Ord. 1090, Sec. 6; Code 2016)