A supervised recreation system in the city be, and the same hereby is, established as provided by K.S.A. 12-1901:1910, and amendments thereto.

(K.S.A. 12-1901 et seq.; Ord. 500, Sec. 1)

For the purpose of carrying on the supervised recreation system, there is hereby established in the city a recreation commission vested with powers, duties and obligations necessary for the conduct of such recreation system. The commission shall consist of five (5) members who shall serve without pay and who shall be appointed as follows: The governing body of the city shall appoint four members, the first appointee to serve for four years, the second for three years, the third for two years, and the fourth for one year, and the fifth member who shall serve for four years shall be appointed by the four appointee members of the commission. Thereafter, the members of the commission shall be selected in the same manner as the member he is succeeding and the term of office of each shall be four years.

(K.S.A. 12-1907; Ord. 500, Sec. 2)

The recreation commission shall annually elect a presiding officer, a secretary and a treasurer, and shall hold meetings from time to time as in the opinion of the commission are necessary. Before entering upon his duties the treasurer shall give an official bond in the sum of $1,000 to be approved by the governing body of the city and filed in the office of the city clerk. The commission is hereby empowered to administer in all respects the business and affairs of the recreation system.

(Ord. 500, Sec. 3)

The recreation commission shall annually and not later than 20 days prior to the date of publishing the budget of the city, certify its budget to the city which shall levy a tax sufficient to raise the amount required by such budget, but in no event more than one mill. The amount received from the tax therein provided shall be set over to the commission and used by the commission for the purposes herein set out; and shall be held by the treasurer of the city who shall be ex officio treasurer of the commission.

(Ord. 500, Sec. 4)

The disbursements made by the recreation commission shall be paid by voucher and the claims paid by the commission shall be duly verified. All warrants on the fund shall be countersigned by the presiding officer, secretary and treasurer of the commission.

(Ord. 500, Sec. 5)

On or before February 1st of each year the recreation commission shall file with the city clerk an itemized statement of all receipts and disbursements made during the preceding calendar year, and the report shall include a statement of all recreational activities supervised under the direction of the commission.

(Ord. 500, Sec. 6)