This enactment shall be considered as supplemental to the city refuse collection codified at Chapter 17, Article 5 of the city code.

(Ord. 973, Sec. 1)

The city shall establish a site deemed adequate to receive certain recyclable materials at times scheduled by the city which term shall mean scrap materials when reprocessed may be introduced to consumers as new products. The recycling site shall be open for use only to refuse utility subscribers at the scheduled times with the city so that a screening process can be executed between the subscriber and city personnel or person designated thereby.

(Ord. 973, Sec. 2)

This recycling program is based upon an underlying agreement with McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility, a corporate body of McPherson County with the city which commits the former to accept a limited and screened recyclable stream for reprocessing by terms of that agreement and by mandate of this article. This stream of recyclables shall be limited to the following items delivered by the refuse subscriber to the designated city site:

Aluminum cans.

Newspaper, discarded in a form acceptable to the site.

Cardboard products acceptable to the site.


(a)   clear milk and water containers (HOPE #2 plastic).

(b)   colored HPEE #2 plastic bottles (oil containers must be well drained).

(c)   clear plastic pop bottles (PETE #1 plastic).

(d)   green or colored pop bottles (PETE #1).

Ferrous tin cans or similar containers in such form as are acceptable to the site.

Glass bottles and jars.

(a)   clear glass.

(b)   brown glass.

(c)   green glass.

The list of recyclables can be enlarged by city council action or policy statement.

The interior of any containers must be empty and uncontaminated of any substance. The items for recycling must be segregated into the categories above indicated at the direction of the recycling agent. The city reserves the right to reject any and all items not described in the categories previously set forth. Further, if there is no available capacity for storing and processing the acceptable items the city reserves the right to temporarily store the preferred recyclables or to request the user may be required to temporarily retain the recyclables until the items can be accepted.

(Ord. 973, Sec. 3)

The user of this service and access to the site shall be restricted to city refuse subscribers as identified on its refuse utility listing, or its immediate family members or designees. The recyclable items shall have its origination in every instance with the refuse subscriber served by the city refuse utility system.

(Ord. 973, Sec. 4)

It shall be unlawful for any person to introduce into or deposit with the city recycling site any materials contaminated with or constituting substances or products of a toxic or hazardous nature, or constituting an environmental contaminant within the meaning of K.S.A. 65-3430(e). Violation of this prohibition shall be a violation under the Uniform Public Offense Code as a Class B misdemeanor, or as amended.

(Ord. 973, Sec. 5)

There shall be assessed the sum of $2.34 monthly to the account of each refuse utility subscriber to fund the cost of the recycling program. The cost shall become effective January l, 2016, and be assessed as a part of the existing refuse utility system charges under sections 15-511:512.

(Ord. 973; Ord. 1160; Ord. 1226; Ord. 1237; Ord. 1257; Ord. 1261; Code 2016)