(a)   The City Council does hereby adopt the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein, effective April 15, 2008.

(b)   The City Council hereby designates the real property described in Part 1 of the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan as the Neighborhood Revitalization Area, finds that the following conditions exist within said area:

(1)   A predominance of buildings which, by reason of dilapidation or obsolescence are detrimental to public health, safety and welfare;

(2)   A substantial number of deteriorating structures which impair the sound growth of the city, retards the provision of housing and constitutes an economic liability; and

(3)   A predominance of buildings which, by reason of age, history or architecture, are significant and should be restored to productive use, and finds that the rehabilitation, conservation and redevelopment of said area is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the city.

(Ord. 1168)

(a)   FUND ESTABLISHED. In accordance with K.SA 12-1,117, there is hereby established a Fire Equipment Reserve Fund, which shall be used by the city to finance the acquisition of fire apparatus and equipment necessary for the performance of providing fires services to the City of Hillsboro and any party agreeing to be part of the Fire Protection Agreement authorized by Ordinance 1230. For the purpose of this ordinance, the words “apparatus and equipment” shall mean vehicles and other equipment or personal property which has an and estimated future replacement cost in excess of $10,000 and a life expectancy of not less than three years.

(b)   POLICY OBJECTIVE. It is policy objective of the governing body that such equipment reserve fund shall be used as a financing mechanism to secure the planned and orderly acquisition and replacement of equipment necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the city. It is the further intent of the governing body to annually approve in the future the budgeting of current revenues sufficient (a) to finance the acquisition of new equipment needed in the following year and (b) to finance needed future replacements and acquisitions by setting aside a reserve amount.

(c)   PLAN OF OPERATION. The city clerk and the city administrator shall prepare a plan of operation for the implementation of this ordinance and for the achievement of the policy objectives of the governing body. The city administrator shall annually submit, at the same time the proposed annual budget is submitted, a proposed equipment acquisition program for each of the following three years. The proposed budget shall include an amount sufficient to finance proposed equipment for the following year, plus an amount to be reserved a set forth in the annually revised and extended equipment acquisition program.

(d)   INVESTING. Moneys in the equipment reserve fund shall be invested in accordance with the provisions of K.SA 10-131 and amendments thereto, with the interest earnings credited to such fund.

(Ord. 1234)

(a)   The following are designated as main trafficways of the city pursuant to K.S.A. 12-685 et seq.

(1)   Main Street from the north line of D Street to the south line of Third street,

(2)   Ash Street from the south city limits to the north city limits,

(3)   Third Street from the east line of Main Street to the east line of Ash Street,

(4)   Grand Street from the east line of Ash Street to the west line of Washington Street.

(K.S.A. 12-685; Ord. 494, Ord. 615; Ord. 815; Code 2016)

(a)   DEFINITIONS.  As used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them herein:

(1)   Person means an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, joint venture or other association of persons;

(2)   Hotel  or Motel means any structure or building which contains rooms furnished for the purposes of providing lodging, which may or may not also provide meals, entertainment or various other personal services to transient guests, and which is kept, used, maintained, advertised or held out to the public as a place where sleeping accommodations are sought for pay or compensation by transient or permanent guests and having more than two (2) bedrooms furnished for the accommodation of such guests;

(3)   Transient guest means a person who occupies a room in a hotel or motel for not more than 28 consecutive days;

(4)   Business means any person engaged in the business of renting, leasing or letting quarters, sleeping accommodations, rooms or a part thereof in connection with any motel or hotel;

(5)   Tourism means the practice of touring or traveling for recreation, business or education;

(6)   Touring means a trip, excursion, or circular journey for business, recreation, or education.

(b)   TRANSIENT GUEST TAX. A transient Guest tax may be levied in the city, at a rate not to exceed five (5) percent upon the gross rental receipts derived from or paid by transient guests for lodging or sleeping accommodations, exclusive of charges for incidental services or facilities, in any hotel or motel. The percentage and effective date of such tax shall be determined by the governing body and shall be specified in a resolution authorizing the same

(c)   SAME; TOURISM AND CONVENTION FUND.  A “Tourism and Convention Fund” is hereby established to receive disbursements of moneys from the Secretary of Revenue, as provided in Subsection (d) of K.S.A. 12-1698.

(d)   TOURISM AND CONVENTION FUND;  EXPENDITURES. The revenues from the transient guest tax shall only be expended as provided herein:

(1)   The revenues from said tax shall be disbursed by the City to the Convention and Tourism Committee created herein for expenditure for convention and tourism related programs.

(2)   No such disbursements shall be made to the Convention and Tourism Committee until the governing body shall have approved a proposed program of activities and annual budget for such Committee.  The Committee shall expend only such amounts as are budgeted to it by the governing body, and only for such purposes as are outlined in the approved program of activities.

(e)   HILLSBORO CONVENTION AND TOURISM COMMITTEE. There is hereby created the Hillsboro Convention and Tourism Committee, with the duties and powers as set forth herein.  The Hillsboro Convention and Tourism Committee shall constitute a body corporate and politic possessing equal powers of a corporation for public purposes under the name and style of “The Hillsboro Convention and Tourism Committee.”  The following provisions shall apply to such Committee:

(1)   Said Committee shall consist of ten (10) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority of the City Council.  Initially, their terms shall be as follows: five (5) members appointed for terms ending December 31, 1994; five (5) members for terms ending December 31, 1995.  Thereafter, at the expiration of the terms of the original appointive members, their successors will be appointed for two (2) years each, and will serve until their successors are appointed and qualified for office.  Any vacancies in the membership of the Committee will be filled by the appointment of a member, as in the case of the original appointment, for the unexpired term of a member whose office shall be vacant.

(2)   Members of the Committee shall be representatives of one of the following three groups:

(A)  Owners, operators or employees of persons engaged in the hotel or motel business within the City, and such members may reside inside or outside of the City;

(B)  Representatives from agencies or organizations actively engaged in promoting tourism, and from facilities or organizations of historic or cultural attractions in the area;

(C)  Members of the general public.

       No more than five (5) representatives from any one of the above three groups shall be members of the Committee at any time. In making appointments to the Committee, the Mayor shall designate which group the appointed member is to represent.

(3)   Employees of the City and members of boards or commissions of the City may be appointed to said Committee.

(4)   Said Committee shall elect from its members a chairperson and one vice­ chairperson for a term of one (1) year each.

(5)   Said Committee shall hold regular meetings at a time and place as established by the Committee, all subject to the approval of the governing body.  All regular meetings shall be open to the public.

(6)   No member of the Convention and Tourism Committee shall receive any compensation whatever for his or her service as a member of that Committee.

(7)   The Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

(A)  To engage in projects and activities that relate to the promotion of conventions and tourism, and to administer in all respects the business and affairs of the Committee in carrying out such projects and activities.

(B)  To purchase equipment and supplies necessary to carry out the projects and activities of the Committee.

(C)  To employ a staff person or persons to assist the Committee in its work and in the promotion of convention and tourism activities, and such other employees as the Committee shall deem necessary, and to remove them and to fix their compensation.

(D)  To receive, accept and administer any money or any other property appropriated to it by the City, or from any gift or donation.  In no case, however, shall the Committee own any real estate in its own name without permission of the governing body.

(E)   To determine the place or places from which the Committee or any employees of such Committee shall conduct the operations or activities approved by the Committee.

(F)   Make recommendations to the governing body concerning the overall promotion of convention and tourism in the City.

(G)  To prepare an annual budget and program of activities and submit the same to the governing body for its final determination and approval.

(H)  To have prepared an annual report on and audit of its activities, which shall be presented to the governing body, and which shall be prepared in the necessary detail as required by the Director of Finance or the auditors of the City.

(I)    To report to the governing body at such other times as may be requested by the governing body.

(8)   The Committee created herein shall not engage in any programs or activities, or expend any monies for any purpose, until such programs, activities, and an annual budget have been approved by the governing body.

(C.O. No. 9; C.O. No. 10; C.O. No. 16; Code 2016)