Definitions of terms as used in this article shall be as follows:

(a)   Mobile Home or Trailer - shall mean an automobile trailer, automobile trailer house, mobile home, automobile trailer coach or any vehicle that is mounted on wheels or which may be used for sleeping or living quarters or both, or for any trade, profession, or business purpose whether itself be automotive or drawn by another vehicle. This shall not include railroad cars or coaches.

(b)   Mobile Home Park, Trailer Camp or Lot - shall mean any place in the city used in whole or part to park one (1) or more trailers that is designed or equipped to supply a place to park one (1) or more trailers.

(Ord. 528, Sec. 1)

All mobile homes or trailers used or occupied for living and/or sleeping quarters in the city shall be connected with the sanitary sewer system and hereafter all parks or camps shall be so designed and equipped that mobile homes and trailers may be connected to such sewer system for the disposal of waste and waste waters.

(Ord. 528, Sec. 2)

In order to reduce fire hazards and protect the health and safety of the residents of the city, no mobile home or trailer house used as living quarters shall be parked within the limits of the city until the owner, his agent or lessee of the premises, where the mobile home(s) or trailer(s) are to be parked, shall have first obtained a permit to operate a park or camp. Application for a permit shall be made to the City Clerk on forms to be supplied by the Clerk, which among other things shall require the applicant to furnish information giving the location of the park or camp, dimensions of the proposed parking sites and provisions for the disposal of waste and waste waters, number of trailer houses intended to be parked in the area, source of electrical power and water supply and washing and toilet facilities to be available. Upon approval of the application by the city council, the clerk shall issue a permit for the premises to be used as a mobile home park or trailer camp or lot on payment of the fees hereinafter required.

(Ord. 528, Sec. 3)

In no event shall any mobile home or trailer which is used for living quarters be placed in closer proximity than twenty (20) feet to any other mobile home or trailer or any other building in the camp or lot and in no event closer than ten (10) feet from the property line of adjoining property. Each trailer house shall occupy an area of at least twenty by seventy (20’ X 70’) feet in a nonresidential district of the city and an area of at least one hundred feet by twenty (100’ X 20’) feet in a residential area. All plumbing and electrical wiring installed on any such mobile home, trailer camp or lot shall be inspected and approved in accordance with ordinances pertaining thereto.

(Ord. 528, Sec. 4)

The fees for the permit to park mobile homes or trailers on any mobile home park, trailer camp or lot shall be set by resolution of the governing body for each trailer that the permit allows to be parked in the park, camp or lot, and the fee shall be paid for each trailer which the park camp or lot is designed to accommodate whether the number of the homes or trailers are actually parked in the camp or lot. All such fees shall be by the city clerk credited to the general operating fund of the city.

(Ord. 528, Sec. 5; Code 2016)