Circuit amusement shows, traveling entertainment requiring booths, mechanical rides, games and other amusement programming for profit; to be performed on streets and other property owned or under the control of the city shall be permitted only upon the review and investigation by the city which shall determine whether a license for the entertainment shall be granted.

(Ord. 897, Sec. 1)

Application shall be made to the city at least 30 days in advance of the proposed date of exhibition; detailing types of entertainment, area required, including location and number of proposed booths, stages and rides. There shall also be furnished a listing of proper locations at which the entertainment was presented within the prior year.

(Ord. 897, Sec. 2)

Applicant shall provide copies of liability insurance in force, to cover damage to personal property and participants or general public attending the events, as well as coverage for injury and the property damage to third parties. The city shall review coverages and determine changes to be required.

(Ord. 897, Sec. 3)

A license fee shall be required of the entertainment, to be determined at the time of its issuance which shall be based on percentage of gross ticket sales satisfactory to the city and the licensee; or upon a state cash amount without reference to gross revenue or profit. Further, the city and the licensee shall determine the needs of the event for electricity and other services as well as police and crowd control requirements. It is understood that these requirements will be established in advance by the licensee.

(Ord. 897, Sec. 5)

The licensee shall be responsible for the condition of its equipment and the competency of operators, the nature of the event and the manner of conducting the events. None of the entertainments or events shall be in violation of city ordinance or state law. The city shall have the power to restrict or prohibit any event which in its judgment would be a risk to the safety of the public or a breach of the peace.

(Ord. 897, Sec. 5)